Letter imprinted beadsI received less than happy news when one of your favorite big-box #craft stores rejected our book. 

While they thought it allowed for great conversation with children and was a cute, fun, nicely illustrated book, they rejected it. 

Why, you ask, dear reader?  Because they were concerned that it would prevent parents from buying beads and small craft items. 

In fact, it wouldn’t prevent the buying of craft supplies any more than “No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed” stops people from buying mattresses!

Enough lamenting… Today, I had the privilege of seeing a very cute 5-year-old girl who was brave enough to tell her Mom that she put a bead in her ear.  The young lady was as relaxed as possible as I shimmied the microscope up to her ear, put a small metal speculum in the ear canal and tried to remove the bead. 

I tried and tried, and she was very patient. The bead kept rolling and rolling and rolling, but it wouldn’t come out.  It was very close to her eardrum, so I could tell it was really bothering her. Speaking of rolling, rolling, rolling – do you remember this song?  

So for safety reasons (to avoid injuring the eardrum and the three little bones behind the eardrum) we are going to remove the bead under general anesthesia tomorrow.  She will be fine, I am sure. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!