“Teach children important safety lessons with a clever and entertaining board book”

“Fun and easy to read … giggles guaranteed”

"Teach children important safety lessons with a clever and entertaining board book"

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Kids are curious and trial and error is a big part of their development. But this can lead to unintended consequences that are dangerous for children, and worrisome and expensive for parents.

After 20 years in practice, Phoenix Top Doc and noted otolaryngologist, Dr. Jerry Altman is never shocked by what he has to remove from the noses and ears of his child patients.”

However, since Dr. Altman published this multi-award winning book in 2013, thousands of children have learned in a fun and engaging way NOT to put dirty household objects in their nose and ears.

We all marvel at our children’s sense of curiosity. But it isn’t cute when it leads to serious health problems and expenses that are no laughing matter.”

Through fun illustrations and clever rhyming schemes, Don’t Stick Sticks Up Your Nose! Don’t Stuff Stuff in Your Ears! is the perfect way to teach children not to put everyday objects in places they don’t belong.”

Don't Stick Sticks In Your Nose, Don't Stuff Stuff In Your Ears

Readers are Raving!

The book gives the child lots of examples what not to stick in one of their orifices, but also tells them things that are acceptable (such as glasses “over” your eyes, food “in” your mouth, but nothing in your ears or nose.

Every toddler needs to have this book read to them.

This is a very clever, witty, and useful book. My kids want to read it every night–it is funny but yet teaches important lessons on safety. It is my go-to new baby gift.


Love the idea of a cute story with educational meaning behind it. My son loves books and I always like when he can learn something from them.

Henry Charles McQuatters

I recommend this book to all early childhood teachers and beyond. My kindergarten students were engaged throughout the entire book as they interacted with the text and laughed at the fun illustrations!



I bought it for a friend’s daughter and she loves it! The text and illustrations are adorable. Important material as well. Definitely a must-have in all home libraries!!!

Sam Mendelsohn

This book is one of my kids (ages 5 and 3) favorite to read out loud. It’s funny– while at the same time it teaches them a lesson. The illustrations are really funny and nicely done as well. Another plus that its a board book so it’s much more durable than traditional books!