Grady Harp (Los Angeles, CA United States), Amazon reviewer, gives this 5 out of 5 stars!

He loves his bookJerald S. Altman, MD and Richard Jacobson have created a charming, rhyming story for children (and frustrated adults!) about misplacement of foreign objects in improper orifices. Not only is it very entertaining and funny to read but it also carries a serious message that, because of the presentation of the material, children will definitely remember. As the authors state in their Introduction, `For Every Parent, Grandparent, Babysitter, Doctor, Nurse, Medical Assistant, Medical Technician, Friend Or Stranger Who Has Had To Deal With A Scary Nasal Or Aural Insertion By A Misguided Or Confused Child. We Hope This Dissuades A Few Of Them.’

The story open with a simple statement – that on your face there are choices: eyes, ears, mouth and nose. We proceed to breakfast – listing the aspects of breakfast foods that are meant for the mouth – and not the other cavities illustrated. The journey continues with the things that are meant for the nose, the ears and the eyes, and proceeds to list tempting ideas for placing things in each of these orifices that simply cause problems, eventual pain, or are just foolish. The variety of items that should not be inappropriately placed include pizza, roses, bread, bees and so many more items that when placed in the wrong spot are quite simply potentially dangerous – and silly! After the rhyming ideas have been put forth, the authors end with saying, `Don’t stick sticks up your nose, Don’t stuff stuff in your ears. Smell and listen with them. Hip, hip, hooray! Three cheers!’

This is a terrific mixture of information, behavior modification, and just plain fun reading that should be available to every family with children! Highly recommended.  Buy on Amazon!