Maureen, Amazon reviewer, gives this 5 out of 5 stars!

Buy the BookDon’t Stick Sticks Up Your Nose, Don’t Stuff Stuff In Your Ears, is really a delightful help book for parents of toddlers. The pictures are enticing for youngsters, and the rhyming words draw their attention.
We all know how little ones like to put things, where they don’t belong. A help book for pointing out to little curious ones that it is not ok. They can chew on the cardboard book as you read along, and eye-popping drawings show what can go wrong.
For parents now there is a book that might help with that frustration and rushed visits to the doctor or emergency room. The book is co-authored by a physician, and I’ll bet he has surely run into these problems.
When I shared this with our six year old, he was delighted with the rhyming and the pictures of what these kids do with stuff. He would never have done any of this, oh no, not him. Then I remind him of things. Oh No!! Guess he doesn’t, or chooses not, to remember.
This is one cute, eye drawing, sturdy book, that you really should add to your child’s library.

I received this book from New Shelves Distribution, and was not required to give a positive review.

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