Boy holding his earsIt’s inevitable.  Children discover things by poking and prodding and often that begins with the face. Tasting everything that their little fingers can grab, and eventually, those things may end up in an ear or way up in a sinus cavity. Don’t believe it? Just look at some of my past blog posts to see the variety of odd items that have been removed from ears and noses.  And while you are reading and viewing those images, realize this … some of these came out of adult ears and noses!  (Don’t ask) Don't Stick Sticks Up Your Nose, Don't Stuff Stuff in Your Ears!Children learn at an amazing speed, and that’s even before they can speak a word. They see what Mom and Dad do, they watch what you watch … and they look at pictures. That’s why “Don’t Stick Sticks in Your Ears, Don’t Stuff Stuff in Your Nose” was written.  To communicate in a fun, visually appealing manner, crucial information that children need to know from an early age. The beauty of this is that while an adult or teen reads this book to a youngster, they too are being reminded … Don’t Stick Sticks in Your Nose, Don’t Stuff Stuff in Your Ears!