Ambergris “John Thomas” (New England, USA), Amazon reviewer, gives this 4 out of 5 stars!

Buy the BookThis book is one of those that should be in every home that has a toddler running around. A poem flows through the entire book that talks about sticking various objects up ones nose and ears. It’s very nicely illustrated throughout in a way that any kid would find easy to understand, and even humorous. it’s long enough and covers enough objects and circumstances to be a real read. For bedtime, nap time, etc…And its done in a nice hardcover with solid pages that will take a beating and last a good long time. Though at times I thought the poem was a little off as far as what a youngin’ would understand (“that is just absurd”, “please don’t act insane”), it nevertheless flowed quite easily, is well entertaining enough to keep a toddler smiling, and, more importantly to get its crucial point across. Recommended.. : ) Buy on Amazon!