Israel Drazin (Boca Raton, Florida), Amazon reviewer, gives this 5 out of 5 stars!

Kids love this book!One of the many problems parents and child care people have is how to deal with children who place objects in their ears and noses. Speaking to children doesn’t always help. Dr. Jerald S. Altman and Richard Jacobson have found a fun way to teach children to stop this practice.
The book contains thick pages with cleverly drawn pictures and rhyming four lines on each page that will draw and hold children’s attention, such as:
No bacon in your ears,
No fried eggs up your nose.
Even though it’s tempting,
That’s not where breakfast goes.
Red pencil in your ear?
Blue crayon up your nose?
Aren’t they better drawing
On paper where it shows?
Reading this book to children and letting them see the pictures is a good way to divert a great tragedy. Buy on Amazon!