Lunchtime is your time.  But it is sometimes too busy to get important things done in such a small amount of time.  

According to Jacquelyn Smith who writes for the Business Insider, successful people do 13 things during their lunch hour. 

One of the things that most working people do during their lunch hour is run their errands. They may fill the car with gas, run to the store for some needed items, go to the bank, mail a package, get a haircut and some even have time to EAT LUNCH.  But, at times the lines are too long! 

One of my patients has come up with a simple rule for lunch hour that I am calling The Russ Rule.  Her rule would create protected time for all the employed people in the U.S.  Here is how it works (and it is very simple):  If you have a job, the hours from 11 am to 1 pm are protected time for you to do ANYTHING YOU NEED TO DO and you would not have to wait in lines.  

How does Ms. Russ suggest that this occur?  She wants to mandate that if you don’t work (including non-working Moms or Dads with their kids, retired people, students, or unemployed persons), you must STAY HOME during the hours between 11 am and 1 pm.  She says that these groups of people “have all day” to eat and run errands while working folk have only a small window to get everything done that they need to get done. Her logic is simple and might work!  They (OF COURSE) are not necessarily the opinions of yours truly.  Your thoughts?