Local Authors Pen Children’s Books

North Central News“Kids stick stuff where it doesn’t belong because they’re experiential learners and because they’re naturally curious—about what it feels like, and about what will happen,” explains Altman, coauthor along with Phoenix resident Richard Jacobson of the new children’s book, “Don’t Stick Sticks Up Your Nose! Don’t Stuff Stuff In Your Ears!” (ZonaBooks LLC, $12.50). “Some children may also be motivated by the fact that they know it’s naughty, or because they think it’ll be funny.

“Trust me, I’ve seen it all in noses and ears: rocks, candy, paper, peanuts, crayons, buttons, and beads … and the list just gets weirder from there,” admits Altman, a otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon (ENT doctor).

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