It is well known that there is an increase in cognitive decline with increasing hearing loss. 

Additionally, it is generally accepted that early amplification, such as with hearing aids, reduces the decrease in word understanding (speech discrimination). 

What this means is the use of hearing aids reduces dementia and improves speech understanding.  Wearing hearing aids will keep you mentally fit and help you understand friends and family.

Now with the medical details aside, today’s post shows one of the inconveniences of hearing aids; parts falling off getting stuck in the ear canal. 

Pieces of a hearing aidThis 79-year-old Gentleman came in because he knew that one of the “domes” or hearing aid tip fell off in his ear canal.  Little did he know that a dome fell off of each hearing aid and was stuck in each ear canal. 

Ear canal forcepsNo worries though. They were relatively easy to remove with the use of the microscope to view the ear canal and a little alligator forceps (small grabbing instrument). 

So, today’s ear foreign body was not deliberately put there (like we see in some kids) but it is a true ear foreign body for you to see.  Have a nice day!