I had a great time in the studio discussing the common things that kids put in their ears and nose. Susan Casper and Terri Ouellette could not have been nicer! Terri told the story of how her then 9-year-old son, put a little sword in his nose-thankfully she was able to get it out herself.

We showed beads and rocks, hazelnuts, cotton and of course the parental favorite, Qtips.

We talked about how to prevent kids from putting stuff where it doesn’t go, how to know if your child has an object in their nose or ear and what to do to remove the object.

Today, on #Facebook, I was reminded of a brave little man from Phoenix who swallowed a button battery that fell out of a remote control. Please read about Emmett’s Fight and please spread the word about the dangers of button batteries.  Emmett has endured multiple operations and as I type this, he is in Cincinnati, Ohio about to undergo airway reconstructive surgery tomorrow (August 27, 2014). You can follow his story on Facebook #Emmett’s Fight Foundation page. “Emmett’s Fight is dedicated to bring awareness to those with small children about the danger’s of button batteries in the home.”

A button battery task force was established and their actions reported here: Pediatric Button Battery Injuries: 2013 Task Force Update. The task force was created to develop a comprehensive program for prevention of button battery injuries.

While many cases of ear, nose, and throat foreign bodies are humorous and are removed without incident, there are many, like Emmett’s that result in significant complications. Our thoughts are with Emmett and his family.