NO QTIPS! 7 Tips to Safely Keep Your Ears Clean

Many people are used to cleaning their ears with Qtips. Their goal is to, well, keep them clean. This well-intentioned act, however, can actually risk our hearing ability. The ear, particularly the inside parts, are extremely delicate. So, special care has to be taken when cleaning the ears. The following tips will help you keep your ears clean in a […]

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Cleaning Your Ears Safely – No Qtips In Your Ears!

Qtip brand Qtips made by Unilever should not be used in the ear canal, period.  On Unilever’s website, it reads, “To clean your ears, stroke Q-tips ® cotton swabs gently around the outer ear, without entering the ear canal.” This begs the question: Why does everyone (well nearly everyone) put Qtips in their ear canal? […]

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